Buying an investment property is a big deal. So once you've taken that step it's imperative you find a knowledgeable and reliable property manager who has your best interests at heart.

A good place to start when looking for a property manager is to ask friends and family. A referred property manager can simplify the process significantly and allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable. However, asking questions is still advisable. For example, how many properties does he or she manage and is that number conducive to providing the high level of service you require?

Some of the management services a good property manager will provide include:

  • An annual rent review – a property managers number one priority should be to maximise your rental return
  • Timely processing of rent increases
  • Regular routine property inspections. This ensures that the tenant is caring for the property and also ensures that the property is well maintained and safe for the tenant to live in.
  • Prompt response to repair requests. A lack of maintenance on a rental property not only hinders capital growth of the investment, but could also lead to an injury claim if the property is not safe. There are legal obligations pertaining to maintenance and emergency repairs, which a professional property manager should fully understand.
  • Re-leasing of the property with minimal vacancy time. Consistent tenancy is most desirable and a good property manager will ensure this occurs.
  • Regular communication – they say no news is good news but in the case of property management it's important to feel you are not forgotten. Keeping the lines of communication open builds trust and helps to build a lasting working relationship.

The Property Profile Group is a collection of Melbourne's most successful independent agents. We know we provide excellent property management services. But that shouldn't stop you asking us questions. We'd love to tell you what makes us the best!