A Burning Issue

25 Nov 15

A recent newspaper article highlighted some alarming information surrounding Victorian house fires. The Herald Sun piece published on March 30 issued a strong warning to home owners after a devastating spate of house fires across the city.

It appears that overloaded electrical systems have overtaken candles as one of the main causes of home blazes. Kitchen accidents and central heating faults are also to blame. Particular hot spots include Melbourne's inner suburbs which host a high number of older style homes with outdated wiring.

The Melbourne Fire Brigade says that too many televisions, computers, telephones, chargers, games, lamps and clocks all plugged into a single socket or overloading a power board can easily spark a fire.

Kitchen cooking mishaps also play a chief role in minor as well as major home fires. - particularly as Victoria's population is aging. What can start out as a small problem can quickly become a significant one for an elderly person who resides alone.

Tips to prevent a fire in your home include:

  • asking a qualified electrician to check the wiring in your home.
  • installing more power points rather than use double adapters and power boards.
  • never leaving cooking unattended.
  • using guards around open fires.
  • cleaning filters in clothes dryers.
  • installing and regularly checking smoke alarms to wake sleeping occupants.
  • keeping drying clothes a metre from heaters.
  • memorising a fire escape drill with the whole family.